Friday, June 6, 2014

Outfit inspiration: Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim vs the World

Ramona flowers is more steampunk than gothic but some of her outfits have a few elements to it. If you want to do casual steampunk type this would work. I put together a few fun outfits. They have a bit of color but I paired it with black faux leather jacket to give it more of a gothic punk rock feel like she had in the film. For her makeup I did a dark gothic berry lip and a bit of shadow on the eyes. For her signature star purse I colored a star on blue paper and just taped it over a circle bag I had. Goggles I got at Steampunk Couture online. For those of you that don't know she is the little hipster/indie rocker steampunk chick in Scott Pilgrim vs the World film who has a penchant for steampunk goggles, tea drinking and being generally awesome. Scott Pilgrim is based on one of my fav comic series and video game. You goth and indie nerds will get this ;)

Part of my Ramona Flowers cosplay. This is the scene where she delivers an amazon package.

Gothic/punk sleeveless gloves, Abbey Dawn.
Shorts, American Apparel.
Shirt, Powell's Books.
Fishnets, Hot Topic.
Gothic/black faux leather jacket. (I think this was urbanoutfitters?) 
Gothic/steampunk goggles, Steampunk Couture. 
Eyeball purse, Dolls kill. 
Green jacket, Wildfang. 


  1. Cool outfit! I like Ramona Flower's colourful alternative style! I would love some wigs of her hairdos!

  2. I love her style. Check out etsy for Ramona Flowers wigs! :D