Sunday, June 1, 2014


Saturday we went to see Maleficent. I personally thought it was an amazing film. I loved the storyline, I didn't mind the fact I felt it sent a better message through out the film. Angelina Jolie was terrific. I definitely recommend this film to other people. It had gothic and fantasy elements through out the entire movie including dark and light fae and everything in between.. The costumes and settings were gorgeous. I put together an outfit that was inspired by the film. I hope you enjoy it.

Black cloak, dress and horns, Hot Topic.
Necklace, Good Goth.
Purple cloak/cape, As You Wish (occult and clothing store in Lake Tahoe) 


  1. I need to see that! Love the faeryish dress and cape!

  2. Great dress and boots combo!!! :-)

  3. Thanks!! It is a lovely film. Let me know how you like the film.
    Thanks Lucretia :D