Monday, July 21, 2014

Goth accessories haul from Hot Topic

A lot of people complain about Hot Topic but honestly if you look and are just patient you can find some cool goth goods there. A trick I do is look up my favorite brand names like Lip Service etc and if you are still not satisfied do what I do and just look for 90's hot topic, Lip Service or morbid threads items on ebay or etsy. I find so many cool vintage goth goods. I just look for "gothic clothing" or other. Also if you look for gothic chokers on ebay you can find tons for super cheap! 


  1. You have a great collection here! I love the necklace and the coffin purse the most!

  2. I notice you didn't mention WHERE you got said haul! Keeping secrets from your peeps, huh??? ;-P

  3. I mentioned it hee hee it is from hot topic :> It is in the title