Sunday, July 6, 2014

New gothic style jewelry July 2014

I have a whole bunch of lovely necklaces up for sale. Shown her on my beautiful model Ashling. 
Please email if interested. I have quite a few key and fairie necklaces still. 

Green pendant necklace. 

Elsa Frozen themed snowflake necklace.

Victorian Key necklace.

Steampunk Octopus necklace. 

Yin Yang necklace. 

Gothic steampunk necklace. 

Fae in flight necklace. 

Large steampunk key necklace. 

Fairie door necklace. 

Gothic cross necklace. 

Alice in Wonderland teacup necklace. Whole collection coming soon! 

Brass faerie door necklace. 

Photography by Winter Advian

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