Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Gothic summer outfits 2014

I recently made these lovely fantasy, steampunk and gothic style necklaces. I like to use ribbon for summer style necklaces that are perfect during the warm days and won't feel so heavy on your neck. I forgo heavier jewelry in the summers and opt for light, airy pieces. I recently got these black shorts at H&M and I love that places because I actually find some really great gothic staple pieces there. Little black sweaters, black dresses, black lacy items, black tank tops and shorts for summer months and in the autumn and winter seasons you can layer them with fishnets or tights to stay a bit more warm.

Tank top, Vampire Freaks store. 
Victorian style key necklace, my own DIY.
Jacket, Lip Service. 
Shorts H&M.

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