Sunday, June 14, 2015

Plastic Paralysis show

    The Plastic Paralysis showing at Studio Bongiorno was amazing. It raised awareness for the plastic toxins that are creating havoc in earth's Oceans, land and effecting not only water but also sea life including turtles, fish and many more. It was heart breaking at times to look at the pieces but it is something that needed to be said. I hope you can educate yourselves on what is going on in the gyre and eventually do some environmental clean up. I love doing beach clean ups, helping out when I can, donating or even taking in a rescue animal or volunteering. It is hard but if we all do our part we can help out.

    It was wonderful and enlightening to be able to hear some of the artists speak about their pieces. I met some really cool people from Santa Cruz and other places and we had some nice chats. Thank you to the curator and the artists for putting this show on and helping the Bay Area become more aware of what is going on.

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