Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Sporty Goth

       A lot of people have ideas of skinny goths lounging around painting all day hating all sports. Not that some of us aren't slender or don't paint. I'm slender but I'm also fit! and I love painting but I also enjoy some sports. Most of my gothic friends enjoy exercising and if not sports then they enjoy hiking, yoga. I am a goth (Shocker) that skateboards! I love skating and have been doing so since I was young. I won awards at one of my schools for most athletic. I do fit the stereotype of shunning the sun but I do love a good night time baseball game hehe. Here I am putting together my ideal sporty goth outfit for those of you that do love to exercise. You don't have to forgo your gothic/metal style to go for a run or do some yoga. I love snapbacks too they have some cool gothic style ones if you search engine it and if you like a specific sports team a lot of times they have red and black styles. Here I will show you how you can possibly pair your clothes together to still feel like yourself but also be practical.

I paired my favorite pair of Pantera sweatpants from Black Heart Lingerie aka the Gothic Victoria's Secret with a cage style top (if you aren't comfy in crop top you can always rock a long line black tank) and of course I always wear my vans or black converse especially if I'm going to be boarding. If you are doing yoga you might be more comfortable bare foot. I topped the look off with a rad Red Sox hat from Fanatics  They have quite a rad selection of baseball caps that have gothy colors.

Check out more rad items at  to find more cute things to accessorize your look.

Don't forget your sunscreen and your ipod so you can blast some of your favorite  gothic industrial or metal tunes to work out to :D

Very cool. I love the red and black. I don't have to sacrifice my color scheme! 

I love my Pantera sweatpants for my go to work out pants. 

I liked this New York Yankees Women's sports lux wristlet. It is perfect for something small that you can carry your cash and black lipstick in when your jogging away from the sun ;) 

I also found this 'Minnesota State Moorhead Dragons Tier Travel Mug' on their site. I thought it looked kinda Game of Thrones-esque and goth plus I love saving the environment and I looove dragons and the red and black colors in the cup so I figure why not? haha Okay so if someone who is super sporty jock comes up to you and looks confused just tell em  your goth and really open minded about supporting all teams PLUS you are helping the environment by drinking out of your own nifty dragon cup instead of a plastic bottle. 

Don't forget the sunscreen. Not all goths are little vampires that blister up like me (be glad you don't!!) but I actually have a sun allergy so I like to slather myself in sunscreen all the time. It will keep you looking young as well ...not that goths have problems with doing that but still. 

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