Friday, May 31, 2013

Dressing gothic in the summer

Summer is approaching us. If you are anything like me and are sensitive to the sun sometimes it can be hard for those of us that wear a lot of black because it can make things a bit more overheated. Here are my gothic summer essentials that I love to wear to keep me cool during this season. 


Number 1. Lace or Fishnet shirts and tights. 

Most lace and fishnet are super comfy but make sure you get tops that are light and airy, some lace can be a bit uncomfortable and you can still overheat. You can wear it with a tiny tank top or just a crop if you are bold to show more skin. It all depends on what you are wanting. 

2. Don't forget to accessories. I love these black, heart shaped sunglasses I got. You can find a lot of these on ebay. They are cute. I wonder if they have bat shaped ones. Hmm I need some. 

                                           3. Sun dresses or tube dresses

I got this cute rockabilly gothic type sundress online. Super cute. I love the little skulls. Pair a sundress or tube with some black, open toed sandals or flats and head to the beach with your parasol.

                                    4. Cute corsets! I like to pair them with mini skirts or long super airy and light skirts. Make sure it is airy because you don't want to feel heavy and hot in the heat.

                                                  5. Gothic mini skirts. You can put some with fishnets or just wear them with bare legs. Nothing works better than that to beat the heat. Don't forget your sunscreen!

6. Last but not least Parasols and  SUNBLOCK! (not pictured here)

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