Sunday, May 5, 2013

Mountain View A la Carte and Art festival 2013

This year had even cooler booths than last year.  For Cinco De Mayo, I ran into a few friends briefly at Mountain View's ala carte and art festival. Earlier,  around 10 am Allen and I  got some coffee at Dana Street cafe then later we found a few of our favorite vendors and artists, grabbed some kettle corn, drinks and had lunch at the art festival and went by farmer's market afterwards.

I love fairies. I came across these amazing fairie pieces from Fierce Faries 

Some cool jazz musicians. 

I always see these around town. haha had to snap a pic! 

Got a flute from him for my love :> 

Met up briefly with my lovely friend. 

Gluten free treats from farmers market. 

I got a cool looking peace bubble wand from the bubble makers and  a really nice scented candle from Wix and Wax. I love candles and collect quite a few. 

More pieces from Fierce Fairies. 

Mariachi band! 

Happy Cinco De Mayo! 

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