Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day weekend

For mother's day I took my mom to her favorite the Stanford Powwow. I love the dancing, jewelry and all the arts and crafts and the spiritual atmosphere there. It is peaceful and always fun to meet all of the cool people at the booths. I got a really cool spoon ring for ten dollars. We have friends who live on reservations and also my mom has students who dance at some of the powwows so it is always nice to see people we know there. I hope you all have a lovely mother's day weekend.

xoxo, Winter


  1. Beautiful! I wished I had known about the Powwow and taken my mom there.

    1. Ooh they have a few in the year. Look up dates. I think they have one at DeAnza college? or they did a while back. I will check to see if they have any. If they do have some coming up we should go!! My mom and I go every single year to the Stanford one.

  2. I love powwows - when those drums start, I get goosebumps. And I especially love looking at all the beadwork! Nice spoon ring!! :o)

  3. Me too! I totally get goosebumps. There are a few different powwows in my area in the Bay Area I want to check out more. Thanks about the ring :> The guy did a really good job.