Wednesday, May 22, 2013

My gothic Tim Burton themed wedding reception

For our wedding receptions we had several, the first one we rented out the upstairs of a cafe and had a beautiful, macabre, gothic Tim Burton themed reception complete with diy table holders I made with little pictures of some of my favorite movies and a really cute Jack and Sally cake topper. I had amazing caterers who created an all organic, vegan spread: bruschetta, fancy stuffed mushrooms, tofu with a dollop of olive tapenade, fruit kabob skewers and a hummus plate. For dessert, guests enjoyed incredible fair trade coffee from the cafe, vegan chocolate chip cookies, fruit bars and the favorite were Tim Burton/Beetlejuice inspired cake pops. Guests gobbled those up in nano seconds. Thank you so much to all our friends who came out and celebrated with us. What an incredibly fun time!

Photography by Naphy Joiner

Photography by Winter and Allen Peters


  1. Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing this. Everything looks great, and it sounds like it was incredibly fun, which, of course, it SHOULD be!! :-)

    1. Thank you Lucretia!! :D It was so fun. I am happy I found caterers and others to help me with my vision. I had seen other Tim Burton themed weddings and I wanted to make mine a bit unique and different so I did a lot myself. Those little table holders were only 4 bux for the frame. I am going to do a simple diy post about how I made them soon :>