Friday, May 24, 2013

Gothic wedding table holder DIY!

For my wedding I wanted movie style table holders with gothic frames for my Tim Burton themed reception. I know they have a lot of fun items on etsy but they can cost a fortune and I didn't see any table holders that were to my liking nor did I find many gothic table holders so like always the resourceful goth I decided to do it myself. I wanted to post  a small tutorial of how I did these. They were simple and relatively inexpensive. First I tried to find the most economically reasonable frames. I went with some gothic baroque looking holders that I found on Amazon for about 4 dollars each. They were already black so I was delighted that I didn't have to paint them myself. It really saved me some time. Next I went and found my favorite pictures of his films and measured out the size I needed for the frames. I printed them out on glossy (not matte) photo paper. If you want to capture the movie/cinema fancy poster look of movies go with the glossy but to save money you can also do matte if you want. I fitted them in the frame an voila! I purchased cheap black long stemmed roses to compliment the table holders and then had my caterer and decorator put together a few rose displays. They did it themselves and placed the roses in pretty vases and also had floating candles. You can save a bundle doing things yourself. Some places you can get flowers arranged for free and just get some used vases or ones for less money at a place like IKEA like we did.  Just check around. My table holders were a hit at the reception and I'm even keeping them for future use at gothic parties and get togethers. I would love to hear about some of your diy projects!! 

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