Sunday, September 8, 2013

42nd Annual Mountain View Art and Wine Festival

This weekend we checked out the Mountain View Art and Wine fest. The festival was very fun. I had a great time and even got a cute new Jack Skellington necklace for 7 bux. What a cool find. I wore my Crow tank top and small plaid skirt with gothic mary janes and paired it with sunscreen and a black parasol to keep the sun away. I carried my necessities in one of my favorite crossover goth bags from Arsenic Fashions. Some of my favorite booths were a Steampunk booth with amazing necklaces and watches and a really cool ring booth with fantasy and Celtic jewelry. When it got a bit warm we ducked inside cafe's and ended up getting lunch at a local hang out and going to another cafe, Dana Street before heading home.

These gorgeous necklaces are by

These lovely rings were done by Crown Fellowship


  1. I love festivals - especially festivals with booths where you can buy cool stuff. The Skelly necklace is very cute, especially for such a great price! :)

    1. I know! It is so rad when you find stuff that is affordable :> I think the art was done on scrabble pieces. So cool!