Sunday, September 15, 2013

My baby bat days

I recently found some old photographs of me in my baby bat days and I scanned them to show you. These are quite fun to go through. Come with me on my journey.

Ahh the checkered socks! I now am really into stripes. 

Again, fishnets are still my staple. Look at that little black flower in my hair lol. Is that  Dahlia? I can't really tell. Still had that blazer. Gave it away last year. 

I loved this top but I lost it :( I still had those platform boots up until I was inmy late 20's and then I decided they needed to be given away. They were so worn! 

I had these vegan leather pants until they wore out and shredded haha! Hilarious. That top I wore over and over again until it shrunk to nothing in wash lol

Ah the gothic corset coat! I still have this dress which I wear on special occasions and this coat. Dress I got from Heavy Red. SO rad to have vintage Heavy Red. 

Omg these are my raver gothy pants haha! I missed these so I went out and got a new pair from Tripp NYC online lolz. 

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