Sunday, May 4, 2014

A la carte and art festival 2014

Today, I met up with my group and we went to A la carte and art festival. It was a lot of fun. I met some really cool artists. There was a cool chick there who made steampunk type jewelry from SoCal and a really great painter. I loved his work. One of my favorite people there was a guy who handmade his own spoons. I got one for my husband since he is a chef and we cook quite a bit. I love that it is made of durable wood. I will be using it a lot.


  1. Some gorgeous art, there! I love the doll, the wooden castle, the thing with the wire work, the boat, the dragon! So much nice stuff!

  2. I know!! I always take pictures of my favorite gothy, whimsical fantasy type items. I loooved it!! There is even cooler items in the fall usually :D I can't wait.