Thursday, May 15, 2014

Powell Books

The new Lip Service top I found. So cute. 

This place is delish! I can't wait to check out stumptown soon! 

We visited Powell books. My favorite bookstore in Portland. It is totally amazing. I can't even describe it's awesomeoness. You will just have to go there and see for yourself. I found a really cool Malice in Wonderland comic that I need to get my hands on. It was gothy awesome goodness. Ahhh I would like to cosplay as her some day when I dye my hair black again and grow it out a bit. For now I really like my short cut. I am going to be cosplaying as Ramona Flowers from Scott Pilgrim Vs the World because I know I can pull it off heh heh. My honey got me Scott Pilgrim graphic novel volume 1 and a cool tee for some anniversary presents.


  1. Happy Anniversary!! :-)

    (I forgot to put that in my reply to your other post!)