Wednesday, May 14, 2014


We landed in Portland. It has been good to us. Everyone we have met so far is incredibly friendly and helpful. They are eager to show us around and don't make you feel outcast like some places. I have found that Portland and England have both been my top two favorite places to travel to so far. Totally different places but one thing reign's supreme: friendliness.! I even had a gal let me take her pic for some street style. Portland is a bit more hipster then goth but it has it's share of gothlings. We are even checking out a metal show soon. I found a few goths in the mix over at the arcade. There is an amazing arcade here that serves beer and peanut butter sandwiches among other yummy things and stays open until 2 in the morning. I found some cool gothic pieces while thrifting today but you will have to sift through quite a few items to find the gothic ones. I found some cool vintage Lip Service at a great price and an amazing dress from Morbid Threads. The coolest thing about this town is the bookstores, music and cafe's. They have delicious places to eat too! A total foodie place that caters not only to meat eaters but to vegans and vegetarians and everything in between. 


  1. I enjoyed Portland, too! At least, for the two days I was there for a business conference. I only found one goth/thrift store before I went, and then found it had closed three weeks before I got there!! Didn't have a chance to find any others. But I agree, the people were really friendly. I would definitely consider going back, as long as I could spend more time out looking around and shopping, and NOT in boring meetings!

    1. There is a little goth store I found you would LOVE It's called The Metro? I think. I will find out for sure and post it on the bottom. So stoked. I got a lot of little goodies there heh heh.