Saturday, May 17, 2014

Portland Saturday Market

 Portland Saturday market was awesome. There were a lot of boho type items, jewelry, loads of food and a few cool gothic items. I even found a lady selling handmade jack and sally boho/goth bags haha I have never heard of hippie goth but if it exists this was it lol. It was actually pretty cool. There was a guy selling some cool gothic goblets, nerdy awesomeness like Link's shield from legend of zelda and a really amazing street performer who managed to put himself through a tennis racket and later balanced while juggling sharp knives with the tennis racket still around him. He must have been double jointed or something! I have never seen anyone do that. It was a great day. If you find yourself in Portland check out the Saturday market. So rad!


  1. I DO remember seeing a bit of this from my hotel! Unfortunately, we got there on Saturday afternoon, so I didn't have a chance to check it out. Next time!!!

  2. Next time you should :D it is so fun! I loved the market.

  3. Also my last trip in London had WAY more gothic things but Portland does have some cool gothic shops. You just have to look a bit more.