Monday, April 29, 2013

Japan street style

For people who are into Japanese street style you might find this interesting. My soon to be husband is part Japanese, some of his family is from Japan. We sometimes watch anime. I don't like all anime but I do appreciate The Black Butler, a few others  and also a lot of the horror movies from Japan. We also enjoy looking at the Fruits books. Even though Gothic Lolita style isn't my main thing I do like drawing inspiration from some of the lolita style and even visual kei and some punk rock inspired looks. I really love the alternative culture and all it has to offer. I hope to some day visit Japan. These books I got for a good price at the used book store near my house. They can be expensive so it was wonderful to find them at such good prices.


  1. I'm not a fan of anime either, but one good horror 7-part series I happened to come upon is Elfen Lied. I had cried during some parts of it, but there are lots of gore. I enjoyed it. I found it when I watched a fan-made Youtube video of an Hocico song with clips from the series.

    1. Yeah anime is hit or miss for me. Some of them are fucking awesome. Elfen Lied and Black Butler are both rad!! I just got two tshirts black butler ones that I am going to put a post up about heh heh.