Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Edge of Circle Books in Seattle

I think a lot of people will love this store. This is by far one of my favorite shops I found in Seattle. The staff there is so incredibly friendly and easy to talk to. Some book shops I have been to were a bit pretentious but not this one. I loved the energy here. There is something for everyone. Among other books they had Aleister Crowley books, vampire books, candles and some beautiful statues and jewelry along with much much more. If you love occult and Pagan shops you will be impressed. I was particularly thrilled that they had a good amount of Norse items. I found a viking ship and some mjolnir pendants which I adored plus they had a Frigga pendant, some cool runes and a Norse statues as well. I love that they had so much to choose from. Such a cool vibe and friendly place.

This Baphomet statue was amazing!

Hecate triple Goddess statue. Gorgeous! 

Sooo much amazing jewelry. I wanted to buy it all :D 

Loads of candles and oils. 

A vast array of books. 

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