Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Gargoyle Statuary

Another favorite place I visited while in Seattle was Gargoyle Statuary. This place was wicked awesome! I ended up ordering some rad pieces and having them shipped because I didn't want them to get hurt in my suitcase. I also got an amazing Mjolnir pendant necklace which I will be wearing constantly. They have some amazing local artists and people from all around the make beautiful items. They have such cool Gargoyles. The first time my husband and I discovered the shop was online when he was shopping for Gargoyles to get me. He ended up getting me an amazing Gryphon piece from this shop. They have an online store but if you can get to the physical shop they have much more than what you see online. The staff is incredibly friendly, chill and helpful. Honestly I have visited quite a few goth type shops and I can't stress enough how awesome the people in Seattle are. This is by far the friendliest goth scene I have ever happened upon. Literally all of the people I met in the shops there were friendly and happy to have me. Check out this store if you get a chance. Please support local businesses like Gargoyle Statuary. Check out some of their rad items below.

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