Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Cafe's in Seattle

Some of my favorite cafe's I will post up here. I didn't get to visit them all but next time I will visit more. I talked to a lot of the locals and they gave me a heads up on some of their favorite spots. If there is one thing Seattle is known for it is their excellent coffee. If you go, definitely check some of these out. I hope you coffee nuts enjoy this post ;)

I found a Starbucks here that serves liquor. Awesome. I hope more Starbucks follow this trend soon. I'd love to see this in San Francisco if they haven't done it already. 

Yum. I have always really liked Tully's coffee. The only one I can find in Bay Area is SF.

Cafe Argento was awesome. They also had vegetarian and vegan goodies. It was nestled on Capitol Hill, which is a pretty popular place for college age people like myself and others. 

Thank you to the awesome chick from the book shop who told me about Kaladi Brothers cafe. It was delicious and they had healthy salads and other goodies as well. These were some of the favorite cafe's I visited. I loved how organic and tasty their coffee's were in Seattle and most places didn't put too much syrup in them and make them overly sugary like some places do.

Caffe Ladro was one of my favorites. The girl at the bar made the most delicious soy, vanilla latte. She told me they made their own vanilla beans there and you could definitely taste how fresh and non sugary everything was. It was just the right amount. I picked up a gluten free, vegan, raspberry brownie bite to pair with it. It was so incredibly amazing. I definitely will be back there. 

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