Saturday, May 16, 2015

Creepy Dolls

One of my best friends collects creepy, haunted dolls. I am completely serious. I have been to her home and her house is surrounded by them. She seeks them out, particularly haunted ones and I hope to photograph them at some point and do a blog post on her collection. I found some vintage photographs of my relatives the other day but these photos of my grandmother caught my eye. When she was a little girl she collected dolls and posed with them. She would take them everywhere. Some of them were life sized and even taller than her but the strangest, creepiest one was a doll she loved named Dimples. I have since found out that the doll is still in our upstairs closet. I love the idea of spooky dolls and find them fascinating.


  1. That doll in the first photo looks quite haunted! Your grandmother sounds like a really interesting person and her photos are awesome. :)

    1. I am pretty sure that doll is definitely haunted. We heare noises upstairs all the time and I'm not sure if it is a dead relative or the doll haha